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Welcome to Experiential Trucks Rentals’ website. We are a food truck manufacturing company specializing in cutting edge food trucks and marketing vehicles. Here at ETR we pride ourselves on building top quality mobile kitchens and food trucks designed to out shine and out produce all other food trucks. Whether you are a marketing agency or restauranteur our experienced food truck specialists will work with you from your food truck or marketing vehicle concept to design and all the way through the fabrication and operation of the food truck or marketing truck. Our many years of experience in food truck fabrication, experiential marketing and food truck industry become yours and we can help you navigate the muddy waters of permitting and health code compliance. If you’re looking to put out the best food truck your town or city has ever seen then you have come to the right place. Give us a call for a free quote and consultation. Our destination is your imagination and our imaginations are at your service. Call us for a free consultation 800-659-3830

Food Truck Sales

Start a Food Truck build.

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ETR’s food trucks are in a class of their own.

When we start a food truck build we first start with a comprehensive understanding of our client’s concept, goals and personality. These 3 major factors determine how we approach the design of the concession truck. We at ETR feel the personality of our clients must be represented in the details of their food truck and we take painstaking measures to insure that they do. Food trucks are like fingerprints and no two are exactly alike. Here at ETR we insure that your mobile kitchen or concession vehicle is just that, a unique representation of your Brand and concept. We are continuously driving our industry by incorporating the latest technologies, tried and true applications and eye grabbing aesthetic flare.  Now you know what we do let’s talk about how we do it.

The Truck:

This is unarguably the most important component in building a quality food truck. The truck is the basis of the build and must be big enough to fit the desired food trucks equipment, strong enough to safely handle the weight of the kitchen and sound enough to get you to and from your locations without the worry of mechanical defects or failures. That’s why we at ETR will only supply new or newer year vehicles. We make sure the mechanics are sound and that the truck is in the best condition possible. We also warranty our used vehicles for 1 year so you can operate without the burden of dealing with a failed vehicle.

Client Supplied Vehicles:

We here at ETR know that budgetary concerns are always an issue not only with our start up clients but with all clients in general. That’s why we are willing to work on vehicles that our client supplies to us. These custom designs are designed around the features of the supplied vehicle. Of course a quick food truck consultation with us before you purchase a vehicle is advantageous. This way we can figure what the best size and GVW for your food truck build will be. If you already own the vehicle then we will make sure to design the interior to work for your concept. ETR does not warranty your supplied vehicles but can do mechanical repairs and enhancements to your vehicle which are backed by our warranty. 

Call us for a quote 800-659-3830

Experiential Truck Rentals Inc.

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Food Truck Rentals

Food Trucks and Marketing Trucks for Rent.

Our marketing vehicle options are endless. Call us for a quote 800-659-3830

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ETR is an agency partner that understands your clients demand for quality marketing vehicles.

Experiential Truck Rentals is your partner in providing a mobile brand experience that is sure to leave your clients’ consumers engaged and satisfied. Our marketing vehicle options are extensive. We offer everything from empty wrapped vehicles to full on mobile kitchens with social media content capture packages. No idea is too big and we strive to push the envelope as to what these vehicles can do. In recent years food trucks have gone from a quaint afterthought in our clients overall marketing plan to literally a driving component of marketing tours and campaigns. The mobility, custom ability, and ability to expand or shrink the foot print lends itself to many if not all live event applications. The recent food truck craze has proven that the public is already intrigued with the food truck concept and are open to experience what these trucks can offer.

Chase vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and can provide an array of services. Basic empty trailers can be towed behind your rental truck to provide secure storage for your events. We can design trailers or trucks to be reefer units providing the bulk cold storage necessary to keep your products fresh before, during and after your events. We also offer matching food carts that expand your foot print and act as an additional point of contact with the consumer.

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Philly operator offers food truck test spins

One-night stands by a rotating cast of food truck operators

The Food Truck Experience inside of a bar?



Food truck operators do plenty of late night business when they park outside of bars. So why not reproduce the food truck experience inside those bars instead? That’s the idea behind a food-truck-like food cart operation that rents for $50 per night inside Garage, a Philadelphia beer bar. Renters try out new dishes on a large and hungry audience and maybe make some bucks in the process; Garage provides bar customers with the adventurous street food normally available only from food trucks–without the obligations that come with running its food service operation itself.

It’s not that Garage owner Jason Evenchik doesn’t know a lot about restaurants. His group runs four other nightlife operations in Philly that put a varying degree of emphasis on food. They include Vintage, a wine bar; Time, a three-concepts-under-one-roof setup that combines a restaurant, whiskey bar and taproom; Bar, a straightforward hangout; and Growlers, a beer-centric neighborhood pub. Under construction is No Libs, which will have a strong food focus, along with 50 beers on tap.

Garage opened last summer; its spinoff kitchen began serving in January. Evenchik and his partners wanted the place to have interesting food without dealing with the hassles that come with full-on restaurant operation. Their solution: take a hand-off approach via outsourcing.

The idea was to install the equivalent of a permanently parked food truck inside Garage, then make the space available on a one-off basis. Visiting cooks and chefs pay the modest $50 rental fee up front and keep whatever they take in. Renters also have to thoroughly clean the cooking area after they use it, leaving it ready to go for the next user.

Garage has a super-compact, stripped-down kitchen similar to that of an over-the-road food truck. There are steam tables, a flattop, a small char-grill, a hood, utilities including gas and more, all of it having passed muster with Philadelphia’s health department. The cooks feel like they’re working in a food truck; customers who step up to the window counter to order feel like they’re buying from one.

Who’s doing the cooking so far?

“It’s a mix of food-truck people, chefs with a night off and sous chefs who want to try their own thing,” Evanchik tells website

The setup offers worthwhile benefits to both cook/renters and to Garage.

Prospective food truck operators can get a feel for the realities of food truck operation and test their concept on a built-in audience. If it goes well, they can take the next step and get into the food truck game by renting a mobile version full-time. There are plenty of rental options out there, including , Experiential Truck Rentals and

Those who already have a food truck or are working restaurant chefs can try out new dishes on real-world customers to see what kind of reception they get. Establishing proof of concept for a fixed fee of $50 a night—which you’ll likely earn back from sales—seems like an unbeatable deal.

For its part, Garage gets to offer its customers an ever-changing array of exciting food they can’t get anywhere else. Prior to opening its faux food truck cart, Garage, located very near two of Philadelphia legendary cheesesteak operations, Geno’s and Pat’s, allowed customers to bring food from these places into Garage to eat. That’s still the policy, but food truck food gives this beer bar a different, or at least much-enhanced, vibe. In the current era, the ability to attract the attention of the foodie demographic is a huge plus. Few customers expect a hip bar like this one—which features 150 beers by the can and plenty of Skee Ball action—offer adventurous food. Expect other bar owners to give some version of this one-shot permanent popup a try.

Great idea these guys had. How many times were you ever in a bar eating the same old tired appetizers and wished there were some options? People get to try other cuisine they normally wouldn’t be able to.

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